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When life is exciting enough, sometimes you just have to write about it. My first book covered the first twenty-two years of my life, and I thought I would be done writing (or at least publishing) after that. 

One book was enough for me.

But as life (and God) would have it, the past two years have been filled with enough adventures and life lessons that I feel I'm supposed to write about. Maybe writing everything is more for me, but reading could be for you or for somebody you know. I have found that even when life burns everything you know to the ground, God can redeem that pain and create beauty from the ashes.

"From the Ashes: A Memoir of Hurt and Healing" should be out this fall, and you can follow my progress on Instagram or Facebook! Meanwhile, read my first book if you haven't already...let its message of hope speak to you as it has to so many others.

Wendy Moses sits in a library
The front cover of Wendy's book "The Only One"

The Only One: A Memoir of Hope

By the age of twelve, I had been diagnosed with three life-threatening diseases. Because no doctor had ever seen a case like mine, I was given less than six months to live. Suddenly my childhood was filled with tests, scans, and appointments while multiple doctors tried anything and everything to save my life.

Join others in experiencing the life-changing hope that I found in the midst of life's challenging obsacles! The Only One: A Memoir of Hope is available now.


Welcome, and thank you for visiting my little cyber home! I hope that you enjoy your time here and please never hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

I am usually hanging out on Facebook and Instagram and would love for you to stop by and say hi - don't be shy! 

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Wendy Moses looks through an old book
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