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When Wendy Moses was admitted to the emergency room on September 26, 2020, she never could have guessed that everything she knew about her life was about to burn to the ground. What began as a simple headache turned into twenty-four months of difficult diagnoses, blinding pain, and life adjustments. As Wendy struggled physically, mentally, and emotionally, mourning a world that had been reduced to ashes, it wasn’t until she began to understand where true healing comes from that her eyes were opened to the most beautiful future forming before her. 

   Wendy’s writing is refreshingly honest as she uncovers layers of hurt that so many can relate to. While any reader will appreciate the way From the Ashes discusses with stark reality the agonizing and confusing process of healing, this book will be especially helpful to those with chronic pain, chronic illness, or invisible illness.

From the Ashes: A Memoir of Hurt and Healing

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