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By the age of twelve, Wendy Moses had been diagnosed with three life-threatening diseases. Cushing’s Syndrome, a neuroendocrine tumor, and multiple endocrine neoplasia plagued her body. Because no doctor had ever seen a case like hers before, she was given less than six months to live. Suddenly her childhood was filled with tests, scans, and appointments while multiple doctors tried anything and everything to save her life.

   This is a story of fear, as Wendy’s family had to stare into the face of death. It is a story of pain, as wave after wave of bad news battered her young heart. It is a story of dishonesty, as she tried to cover her mental and emotional pain with drugs. It is a story of solitude, as being the only one left her heart empty and starving for empathy from those who would never understand.

   Wendy’s story is also filled with love from her family. It is filled with comfort in the many prayers and well-wishes from countless friends and strangers. It is filled with peace that there is a purpose for her years of pain.

   But most of all, this is a story of hope. Hope in forgiveness, hope in healing, hope in the knowledge that her life holds value. Hope that maybe just one life will be changed by her story.

The Only One: A Memoir of Hope

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