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"Her writing is transportive."

"What an emotional roller coaster!"

"This book is in our church's library. 

I don't see it often, which makes me happy 

because it means that many people are reading 

this message of hope that is so needed."

"Every time I had to put it down, 

I started thinking about when next 

I could pick it up again..."

"Worth every penny."

"This is a gripping book, and she is honest 

about her experiences..."

"I can't put it down."

"My heart was racing...I loved every minute of it."

"When I got to each new chapter I prepared myself to cry."

"After reading this for myself I immediately bought it 

for my two teenage daughters. 

They need to see that suffering is never enjoyable 

but it brings the peace and hope that only Jesus provides."

"My only word is 'Wow'. 

You are an incredibly gifted writer 

and your story is just riveting. 

Anybody who is chronically ill or who knows 

somebody who is chronically ill needs to read this."

"Your book reminded me

that God's love and strength

gets us through life's storms.

You gave me hope."

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